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Chairs for Pups

Humane societies aren't always the happiest place for pups. While many humane societies work hard to make a pup feel at home, it can be hard when dogs have to sleep in kennels overnight and during the day. One particular humane society in Galesburg, Illinois is working to help their pups feel much more at home until they find their real forever home. 

At Knox County Humane Society, every pup will now feel at home in their own big, comfy chair. One particular pup inspired this, Buster Brown.

Buster Brown isn't just a first-timer at Knox County Humane Society. After his adoptive parents divorced, Buster Brown found himself back at Knox County for a second time. But Buster wasn't too sad, in fact, he loved hanging out with the folks at the humane society. He loved hanging out with them so much that he refused to go into a kennel. He wanted to spend all his time with his human pals, and specifically, wanted to spend all of his time sharing their chairs with them. 

That's when Knox County workers got Buster his own chair, donated by a local plumbing and heating company. Once the workers saw how much Buster enjoyed his chair, they got the grand idea to make sure each dog got their own chair.

The shelter put out a call for comfy chairs and received over twenty from members of the community. Of course, they'll always accept more! So far, 22 dogs are curling up in comfy chairs that the community is no longer using.

Knox County Humane Society sets a great example for shelters across the U.S. Not only are they always keeping their dogs comfy, but they also have a no-euthanasia policy. The pups get plenty of cuddle time with workers and have a "real-life room" where they can practice living in a real home environment.

If you live near Knox County Humane Society and are looking to donate some chairs, consider giving them to the humane society instead of a thrift store. 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes