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Christmas Recipes for Your Dog

Christmas Recipes for Your Dog


Why should humans be the only ones who enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food? If you're looking for a way to make your pup happy this holiday (not that they won't already be happy from all the presents they'll get!) - here are some dog-friendly recipes to make for Christmas.

Applesauce and Oatmeal Cookies

Your pup will gobble these cookies up. Just as it sounds, the main flavors in these cookies are applesauce and oats. With only six ingredients, you can make these treats quickly and easily. The only ingredient you might not have readily available is coconut oil - a healthier alternative to butter. So how are these Christmasy? With your decoration, of course! You can mold the dough into fun Christmas shapes or use food coloring for Christmas colors. 

Dog Candy Canes

Your dog should get to enjoy candy canes, too! While they might not look or taste like the candy canes we enjoy, they will taste just as delicious to your pup! The process is a little involved, but worth the end result! You'll use food-coloring and hand-rolled dough to create the look and shape of the "cane." Just don't let your pup have too many, since the chicken flavoring can be a little high in sodium for them.

Christmas Carob Mint Dog Cookies 

The second recipe on this page is perfect for Christmastime, thanks to its chocolaty and minty taste. And, it's a way for dogs to taste something they can never actually have - chocolate! Carob is a healthy and dog-safe alternative to chocolate, but it tastes similar. For this recipe, you can use carob (which you should find in the baking section in your store) as icing by melting it and then dipping the made biscuits in it. Yum!

Gingerbread Cookies

Now you and your dog can have gingerbread cookies! This recipe has all dog-safe ingredients that your pup will adore. The addition of a few spices will make it taste complex and unique - even if your dog can't quite compliment you on it. You can shape the cookies into standard gingerbread men, or you can make them gingerbread dogs! Optionally, you can add carob chips for eyes or buttons.


Merry Christmas! Now let's get baking!

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