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Cold Weather Activities for Dogs

Cold Weather Activities for Dogs


While the spring season is just around the corner for many folks, it can still seem a long time away! If you're wanting to make sure your pup stays entertained during the frigid season, we have some suggestions for you.

Snow Maze

Have a heavy snowfall? Don't let that stop your pup from playing outside! If you have a foot or more of snow, try digging a "maze" through your backyard with a shovel. Your dog will have tons of fun running through the yard in their snow tunnel, and it gives them plenty of opportunities to dive right into the snow if they want to. 

Indoor Agility Course

If it's just a little too cold outside, bring the exercise inside! Some doggy daycare facilities have agility courses that your pup can take. This will help them get their exercise in the winter while also sharpening their mental skills. Then when it gets warmer, you can start practicing with them outside. If there aren't doggy daycares near you that offer this, you could always create your own agility course inside your home.

Teach New Tricks

Have you always wanted to teach your pup how to "shake," but never got around to it? Take the time you might have spent at the dog park on a cold day and devote that time to teaching them a new trick. If the trick takes some time and patience to learn, save it for when you might have a "snow day" or a few days off when going outside isn't feasible. 

Obedience Classes

While obedience classes near you might be limited due to COVID, there might still be some in your area that your pup can take, even if it's not with you. Whether it's the basic obedience course you never had a chance to give your pup, or more advanced skills, now's the perfect time for it. 


With snowy and cold days still ahead of us, it's also a great time to get a Fresh Patch for your pup so that they can stay nice and cozy inside with you even on the worst weather days. 


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