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Congratulations to the World's Ugliest Dog

Most dog shows celebrate the pristine beauty of a dog, but not this one! A context in its 28th year, Petaluma's World's Ugliest Dog contest celebrates a different kind of beauty.

You might remember us talking about last year's winner, Quasi Modo. But this year, a new winner has surfaced. Introducing, SweePee, the World's Ugliest Dog of 2016!

At the contest this year, 16 pups competed for the trophy. They were all... unique looking. But it's not just about looks.

The judges take into account a few different factors when determining "top" dog. They not only have to rank high in bad appearance, but also have to have a certain amount of stench and poor complexion. 

This wasn't SweePee's first time in the contest. It was actually her third run of it. And I guess the third time's the charm! The 17-year-old Chinese Crested/Chihuahua mix traveled seven hours with her biggest fans (her family!) and earned the prize with her unique look. 

Let's congratulate SweePee, who got a win in even at her old age. But maybe the doggie diapers, the blindness, and her inability to walk very far actually helped her!

The cash prize of $1,500 will be used to remove a tumor in SweePee's mouth. So SweePee really deserves the win. 

Obviously SweePee has a big heart. Though she was originally rejected by her owner's wife, she ended up winning both of them over.

 And as we've learned, "ugly" dogs have big hearts, and they're so much more than their looks! 

So if you have a conventionally "ugly" dog, try some of these words instead!

- Unique

- Off-Beat

- Unduly

- Quirky

- Unusual

- Eccentric

- Zany

Whatever you call them, ugly dogs are truly special. So let's applaud SweePee. Just look at her!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes