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Craft a Doggy Easter Basket

With Easter coming up this weekend, it's the perfect excuse to do something special for your dog! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, use the weekend as an excuse to create a custom doggy Easter basket just for them! 

What to Include

  • Favorite Treats - Surprise your pup with their favorite treats in their basket. This is a great present for them, especially if you rarely give them these treats.
  • Dental Chews - If they don't have a favorite treat (or even if they do) including some dental chews in their basket is a good idea - for you and them! While they'll enjoy the yummy chew, you'll enjoy their clean teeth and fresh breath. 
  • Portable Water Bowl - Your pup will appreciate this, especially on long walks! A portable water bowl is the perfect gift for both of you, because it makes it easy to keep them hydrated on walks (which you should always do, especially if the walk is longer than thirty minutes). 
  • Puzzle Toy - A new puzzle toy will keep them busy - and reward them! Many puzzle toys are fun for pups because they involve investigation activity, but many of them are also fun for pups because there's a yummy reward when they figure out the puzzle!
  • Themed Outfit - Okay, only include this if your pup doesn't mind wearing clothes. Look for a cute bunny-themed or chick-themed outfit to stick with the Easter theme!

What to Put It In

So, now that you know what you're be gifting your dog, what will you put it all in? You can put it all in:

  • An edible basket - Consider something they can eat afterwards, like laying it all on a bed of treats.
  • A food bowl - Put the goodies inside a new food bowl! They might not know it, but this is a way to give them new gifts... inside a new gift!
  • Recycle old baskets - If you have old wicker baskets that you aren't using anymore, use them for your pup! 

 When to Give It To Them

If the basket is full of a bunch of treats, you can give them a little bit at a time! Or, if it's mostly filled with fun toys and a cute outfit, you can give it to them on Easter and, of course, take plenty of pictures of them enjoying their gifts!


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Jenna Gomes