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Cutest. Dogs. Ever.

Basically, all dogs are cute. But there are some that are so adorable that you wouldn't believe it. So here are some of the most squishable, lovable, breeds and mixed breeds that exist. 

Full-Grown Dogs
Shar Pei 
Seriously, how can you NOT love all of these wrinkles? Shar Pei's are distinct for their wrinkly skin and adorable, smushy face.
A Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky, which creates an adorable product that usually results in a fluffy coat, beautiful blue eyes and plenty of energy.
Short little legs a long body make for a super cute little dog. Plus, they're super cuddly and their skin is silky-smooth!
German Chow
Love big dogs? This mix is adorable, with that Shepherd face and fluffy Chow fur. And depending on how fluffy, they might look like a lion!
Everybody loves corgis, and for a reason! Their stumpy legs and oh-so-adorable face make you go "awwww" every time. 
Okay, so what breeds have the cutest puppies?
Golden Retriever
So much fluff, so much energy! These pups are just the cutest when they're tiny!
English Bulldog
There's something about such gruff features on such a tiny body that makes these puppies adorable.
Can you even see a Pomeranian's face behind all that fur? It's little button nose is the cherry on top of the ice cream!
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Their eyes are so expressive, you'd believe they were tiny little humans! But instead they're just tiny little Spaniel pups.
Basset Hound
Hello, droopy-faced puppy! Aren't just just the cutest? Seriously, their saggy little faces make for one insanely cute puppy. 
What do you think are the cutest dog breeds ever? Keep in mind we think EVERY dog is adorable! These are just some of many breeds that steal our hearts!
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Jenna Gomes