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Different Fresh Patch Products For Your Home

Different Fresh Patch Products For Your Home

Have you wondered what each Fresh Patch product does? We've got your back! While many think that Fresh Patch is simply a patch a grass delivered to your home, there's so much more that can accompany a Fresh Patch. Here are some of the different Fresh Patch products you can get for your home (and your pets, of course).

Fresh Patch

Of course, the famous Fresh Patch itself! This grass potty is a square of FRESH grass; nothing fake or synthetic. No matter the size of your pet, there is a Fresh Patch for them:

  • Mini - This tiny patch is perfect for animals less than 8 pounds, which not only includes your very tiny pup, but also guinea pigs or rabbits, who would benefit greatly from fresh grass to potty in. 
  • Standard - The standard Fresh Patch, a.k.a. the OG Fresh Patch, is perfect for kitties and small-to-medium sized dogs.
  • Large - The large Fresh Patch is ideal for dogs that are about 15 - 30 pounds; or large-to-medium sized breeds.
  • XL - Got a Great Dane in the house? Don't worry - Fresh Patch XL is the perfect fit for them. 


While every Fresh Patch comes in a portable and durable box, it's always helpful to add on a tray to minimize the mess. The standard black plastic tray is easy-to-wash and holds up to wear and tear. The black plastic tray sits underneath your pet's Fresh Patch to protect your floor. The tray comes in four sizes - the same as the four different sizes of Fresh Patch.

Wood Frames

Want to dress up your Fresh Patch? A wood frame not only helps to decrease mess, but it also serves as a nice accent piece that makes your pup's Fresh Patch look more like a sleek furniture piece rather than just their potty. Wood frames come in all sizes except for XL, and you can choose your finish - oak or pine!


And of course, you have to reward your pup for using their Fresh Patch. Fresh Patch small batch treats are yummy for any pup *and* healthy. They are all natural and made with chicken and sweet potato. 

Don't just take our words for it, check out all of our items as well as reviews for each product on our shopping page here.


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