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Different Types of Toys for Your Dog

You've probably witnessed it before - one of your dogs loves tennis balls and your other dog doesn't touch them. To help you find the toys that make your pup the happiest (and tire them out after hours of play), we're here with all the different types of dog toys. You're sure to find one that makes your dog act like a puppy again!

 Interactive Toys

If your dog is constantly begging you for attention, then interactive toys are the way to go. This category can include anything that lets you (the measly human) interact or play with them. These are perfect if your dog is very good at tug of war or fetching and retrieving. Some examples of interactive toys are:

  • Balls (tennis balls, plush balls, etc.)
  • Frisbees
  • Rope toys (with knots, allows for tug of war)
  • Plus tug toys (softer than rope, still allows for tug of war)

Treat Toys

These are probably one of your dog's favorite toys, especially if they're food motivated (which, isn't every dog?). Treat toys are exactly what they sound like, they're toys that dispense treats that your pup can eat. All of these toys offer at least a slightly difficult way to access the treats, that way your dog can concentrate on it, use their brain, and reap the rewards after. Some different types of treat toys are:

  • Hollowed-out toys (these can be filled with whatever treats you wish, from peanut butter to biscuits)
  • Puzzle toys (these are much more complex and require your dog to solve a puzzle in order to find the treat - these are the real brain teasers)

Comfort Toys

These are exactly what they sound like - comforting. These toys are perfect if your dog gets anxious at night, when you leave, or when they're kenneled.These toys can be less conventional and aren't even always dog toys - it's simply something that your dog has bonded with and something that makes them feel comfortable and calm. Some examples can be:

  • Plush dog toys
  • Regular stuffed animals (provided they don't have any small parts for your pup to choke on)
  • Blankets
  • Clothing (especially if it smells like you)
  • Really, anything they cozy up on and love!

Chew Toys

And of course, chew toys. Who could forget these? If your dog is fond of ripping open plush toys until your house is scattered with fluff, then chew toys might be the way to go. These toys are meant to be chewed on by dogs, and there are distinct brands that have varying levels of durability depending on your dog's chewing habits. Here are a few brands and toys that stick out:

  • KONG (KONG toys are probably the best toys for any chewer, as KONG has everything from rubber toys to tough material that can hold up to the toughest chewers. A wide line of toys makes it easy to find something for your dog)
  • Firehose toys (as you can imagine, firehose is strong, especially when used in dog toys. Firehose materials tend to last much longer and have a different feel for dogs who don't like rubber toys)

Try all of these different types of toys out or just stick with one - as long as your pup loves it!

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Jenna Gomes