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Dog-Friendly Fall Activities

The fall season is the ideal time of year all across the country. Whether it's the weather you love, the fall colors, or the smells, of course you want to get out and enjoy it. But if you love your furry best friend, you don't want to leave them behind! Here are some fall activities from all over the country that you can enjoy with your dog.

New England


If you live in the New England area, apple-picking is the perfect dog-friendly activity. Nearly all apple orchards allow your pups as long as they're on a leash. And while your dog might not be able to do the picking themselves, it'll be fun to just have them along for the adventure. 

West Coast

Winery Tour

California is known for its wine, and fall is the perfect time of year for a tasting. It depends on the winery, but many allow you to visit with your dog. Many wineries are even dog-themed, so they'll have amenities for your dog while you get to relax and find a new favorite wine. 

Mountain Area


If you live in Colorado, Utah, or another mountain state, you probably already have a love for camping. Fall is the perfect time to do it before the weather gets too cold. Many parks and national forests are dog-friendly, making it easy to bring your furry best friend along. Of course, make sure that they don't get lost and that you have plenty of campfire snacks for them. 


Ghost Tours

Ghost tours are perfect for the fall season, even after Halloween! Southern cities like Savannah, St. Augustine, and New Orleans are full of history and spirits. Since many of these ghost tours take place outside during the day or night, many tour hosts are fine with you bringing your pup along for the tour. Of course, if they get spooked easily, you might have to cover their ears!

Central North


The big, wide-open states are famous for having large, open land. North and South Dakota, Wyoming and other states have a low population and not too many bright lights. This makes it much easier to see all the starts at night. Find a big, open spot (parks or camping grounds can provide this), bring your pup, and lay out a blanket. You can look up at the stars and name all the constellations with your pup by your side. 


Corn Mazes

The midwest states are known for their corn, but that's not always a negative thing! Indiana and Ohio are home to corn mazes big and small. Many of them allow your dog to come explore the maze with you, as long as they're on a leash. Maybe your dog can even be the one to sniff you out of the maze!

No matter what you choose to get out there and do, you'll always enjoy it more when your pup is along for the ride. 

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