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Dog-Friendly Los Angeles Shopping

The holidays are creeping closer and that means you have to finish that holiday gift-list. But why leave your pup at home when you can take them with you? Here are some dog-friendly stores in the Los Angeles area that you can check off your list at all while having fun with Fido. 

Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Have a photography-lover in the family? You can get some shopping done at this photo shop and bring your pup with you. This photo-supplies stores welcomes dogs with open arms and even has treats ready to give them. 

Val Surf Board Shop

This surf shop is always ready for you and your pup. They have water bowls for your dog and plenty of treats. You can find skate gear, surf gear, and snowboard gear at this Fido-friendly sports store. 

Chubby's Cruisers

There are lots of great bike paths and biking locations in L.A., which means you probably have some bike-lovers to shop for. This bike store is budget-friendly with plenty of bike gear and welcomes dogs (as long as they're on leashes). 


Amoeba Music

This is the perfect place to find a gift for all the music-obsessed members of your family. Amoeba Music takes up on entire block on Sunset Boulevard and has CDs, DVDs, vinyl, and new and used music galore. And, of course, your dog is always welcome.

Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim

You've found the place where you can get all the motorcycle-fanatic gear you're looking for all while your pup accompanies you. 

Belmont Shores

If you're looking for multiple shopping locations for all the gifts on your list, Belmont Shores it he place to go. It's a strip of pet-friendly stores that are happy to see your pup and put out water bowls for them outside their dogs. There are pet boutiques, shops, and restaurants that all welcome your furry best friend. 

Now, get out there and check off that shopping list! With your dog in tow, of course. 

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Jenna Gomes