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Dog Movies for Summer Marathons

Summer nights are the perfect time of year to pop in some movies and enjoy a night in with popcorn. If you're a family full of dog-lovers, and want to invite the furry friend to catch a flick with you, then you'll want to create the perfect list of dog-themed movies for the ideal summer marathon. You can even project them on a screen and have a picnic/movie night outside! 

Lady and the Tramp

If there's kids in the family (or just adults that love acting young), this cartoon movie is perfect for them. It's got romance, adorable dogs, and a pretty good takeaway - you should love others who are different from you! 

Old Yeller

While this one is a tear-jerker, it's still a great film to watch with the family. It teaches the great life lessons of love and loss, which is important for young members of the family to learn. Of course, you will have to add a box of tissues to the movie preparation list if you choose this movie.

Show Dogs

This recently-produced movie is full of laughs, focusing on a Rottweiler police dog that must go undercover by pretending to be a show dog. By seeing the movie from the eyes of the dogs, it makes for a much more comical (and less sophisticated) view of the show dog world. It's essentially the dog-version of Miss Congeniality. 

Isle of Dogs

This movie also came out in 2018, and is definitely perfect for an adult movie-night, since the movie can seem a little slow to kids. The stop-motion animated movie, made by the infamous Wes Anderson, follows a boy who is looking for his lost dog in a futuristic version of Japan. Along the way, he encounters a pack of exiled dogs who decide to help him.

Turner & Hooch

If you're in the mood for a 90's feel-good, Tom Hanks classic, this movie will do it. It's super heart-warming because it tells every dog lover's favorite story - a dog-hater being transformed into a dog-lover by one crazy pup. 


Horror-movie lover? Dog-lover? Cujo wraps it all into one. It's not for kids or the faint of heart, and it's not exactly a movie that will make you say "I love this dog!" But if anything, it's two hours of suspense and a great reminder to get your dog that rabies shot they're due for. 

No matter what's on the movie list, be sure that your furry best friend has a seat right next to you! And some snacks... maybe even some of your popcorn...


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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes