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Dog Park Safety Tips

Dog parks are reopening all over the country and your furry best friend is probably begging for a play date with his doggy friends. If you're planning on heading back to the dog park, here are some tips to help you and your pup have a fun time and stay safe.

Safety Tips for Your Pup

Bring Toys - While the dog park might have communal toys, those can be worn out and/or relatively gross. Bring some of your dog's toys so that if no other dogs are at the park, you and your pup can play together. Be sure to bring toys that your dog is comfortable with sharing, because if there are other dogs at the park, they might want to play with them, too.

Carry Water & a Water Bowl - While all dog parks should have access to water, you always want to have a backup just in case, that way your pup stays healthy, hydrated, and ready to play! You can buy portable water bowls that fold into themselves for an easy and convenient way for your dog to drink water. 

Pack Treats - Treats are always a good tool to encourage good behavior at the dog park. If you use treats as rewards and incentives while training, then you should bring them to the park with you to encourage your dog to follow your commands. Treats will encourage them to listen and can help keep them safe if you need to get their attention quickly. 

Pay Attention & Step In If Needed - While days at the dog park should always be fun, pups can occasionally get into some trouble or some minor spats with their friends. Always pay attention to what your dog is doing and step in to diffuse a situation if needed. 

Safety Tips for You

Socially Distance - If you're heading to a park that has a few other occupants, be sure to socially distance yourself from them. Even when you're outside, it's the safest option to leave some space (about 6 feet) between you and those around you. If you want human company, you can also choose to go with friends that you have already been around or those in your household. 

Bring Sanitizer - If your dog is a social butterfly who could run around the park for hours, you might want to sit down and hang out. If you're touching any public areas like picnic tables, dog water fountains, or anything else, be sure to use some hand sanitizer to make sure the germs stay at bay!

Bring Water (For You!) - Don't just bring water for your pup - make sure you have plenty of water, too. Even if you're not running around like your pup, it's important to stay hydrated as the summer days get warmer. 


Stay safe and have fun with your dog!

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Jenna Gomes