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Dog Qualities to Consider for Apartments

While we would all love a fenced-in yard for our dogs, it's not always possible. With city living and different environments, it's sometimes hard to provide a big space for our furry best friend. However, our home shouldn't provide us from giving dogs all of our love. Here are some things to consider if you're moving your pup to a small apartment, or living in a small apartment and getting a new dog. 

How Vocal They Are

An unavoidable aspect of apartment living is living in close quarters with other people. Because of this, you'll want to consider how vocal your dog (or future dog) is. If you're looking to bring a new dog into the apartment, ask shelters about the dogs that don't bark too much. While you might not mind, your neighbors might complain if your pup barks at birds outside the window.

Their Size

Obviously, the size of your pup matters when they're in a small space. If you have a Great Dane, you might want to look for larger apartments that they'll space in. If you already have a small apartment and are looking for a pup, consider a smaller dog that will have plenty of space in your apartment. 

Exercise Needed

Some dog breeds need more exercise than others. If you live in an apartment and are considering getting a dog, do some research into just how much exercise they need daily. A dog who needs less exercise is ideal because they won't get as antsy without a big yard to run around in. 


While all dogs love their people (of course), some are more independent than others. Independence is a helpful attribute in a dog when it comes to apartment-living because they're less likely to get anxious when you leave. In a small space, dogs are more likely to get anxious than in a bigger house or a house where they can go outside while you're gone. Look for dogs that don't have dependency issues to maximize their happiness and minimize damage to your apartment.

Whether you already have a dog and are moving to a new apartment, or you're in an apartment looking for a pup, hopefully these tips will help to make you and your dog happy in your home!

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes