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Dog Summer Safety Tips

Summer is a wonderful time of the year - there's warm weather, summer vacation (for students and teachers), and the opportunity to spend plenty of time with your pup. It's essential, however, to keep your dog safe! So here are some important summer safety tips for you and your pup.

Keep Them Up to Date

Be sure to keep your dog up-to-date on medications, especially flea and tick prevention. Most flea and tick medication is delivered once a month, and it's important to stay on time with this, as something as simple as a chewable or a topical medication can help prevent your pup from getting infested with little bugs. 

Cool Paws, Happy Dog

Think about your pup's paws during the summer. Pavement can get very hot during the summer months, and can actually burn your dog's paws (think of how your bare feet feel when they've walked on hot pavement - ouch!). Try to keep your pup off of pavement and asphalt by sticking to concrete surfaces like sidewalks, or, even better, grass or dirt surfaces.


Just as you need plenty of water in the summer, your pup needs plenty of water, too. If you're going on long walks or even short walks in the sun, be sure to bring water with you that your dog can drink. Collapsible water bowls make it easy to bring along a bowl with you and to pour water into it for your dog to drink. 

Car Ride Safety

Take into account your dog's safety when you're going on car rides. Even if your dog loves car rides, make sure that they stay safe by keeping them secure in the back seat. Feel free to roll the window down - but not so much that they could jump out. Never let your pup ride free in the bed of a truck - this can be dangerous for them, since there's nothing to hod them in place, and can also get extremely hot and burn their skin or paws.


This is the most important tip we can give - do not leave your dog in the car! Even if crack the windows, the interior temperature of a car can rise quickly and dangerously. Even on a day in the 70s, the interior of a car can reach up to 160 degrees in the sun. This kind of extreme temperature can affect your pup in a matter of minutes. Be sure to keep your dog with you if you're out, or to leave the car on with the air conditioner running.

Follow these tips to ensure that your dog will stay safe and have fun this summer.

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Jenna Gomes