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Dog Training Tips From a Marine

We've given dog training tips before, and you probably know that training certainly isn't one-size-fits-all. While some training tips might work on some dogs, other dogs might respond differently. However, if there are any tips to take, it's tips from a Marine that has trained military pups! Here are some surefire dog training tips from Marine Sara Ohlms in an article she wrote for Business Insider.

Build a Relationship

The most important part of training your dog is building a solid relationship with them. Of course, it might take some time for your puppy or new dog to bond with you, so don't expect to immediately dive into training. While you want to give your dog good habits, you need to be patient and form a bond with them first. 

Grooming is Important

While you might not view grooming as part of training, it actually plays an important role. This helps to reinforce your relationship with them (especially in older dogs or adopted dogs) because brushing them can be therapeutic for them. It also helps you notice if anything is wrong, and if they are having any physical issues, it makes it harder for them to concentrate on commands and training. 


If you're not consistent with your training, then your pup will just be confused. If you tell them "out" when you're in the kitchen one time, be sure to do it every time. This consistency helps them remember what they're supposed to do. Every time you ask them to do something, be consistent in your response as well. If you always say "Good girl" after they sit, be sure to do this every time. 

Know Your Dog

As Sara Ohlms writes, "dogs have bad days, too!" If your dog is off their game when you're going over training routines, take a break. If they're in a bad mood, continuing to push them won't be productive. Instead, try again the next day, or go lighter on the training for that day. 

Have Fun!

While training your pup can be hard work, you want to make sure that you're having fun, too. Let your dog run around the park, play fetch with them, and spend quality time with them. This will (going back to the first point) cement your bond and ensure that they'll want to learn from you. 

Know Your Dog's Abilities

Some dogs are simply more prone to learning certain skills than other dogs. If you feel like you aren't getting anywhere with a certain training technique, consider moving on, or trying to find a different way to teach it. Just as some of us are good at writing and some of us are good at math, every dog is different, and we shouldn't push them too hard to do something they won't be able to. 

While you might not be training your dog to sniff out bombs, these training techniques will work just as well at home!

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