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Doggy-Safe Halloween Treats

We all enjoy candy on Halloween, whether we're kids or adults. Trick or treating will never get old, so you don't want to leave members of the family out! Yes, that includes your furry family members. Obviously they can't partake in the chocolate or candy goodies that you eat, but there's other treats they can have. Here are some doggy-safe Halloween treats for your pup to enjoy. 

Candy Skull Dog

This looks fun and tastes yummy! This skull looks like a tasty sugar cookie but it's really a cookie for your dog. You can find it at your local Petsmart! 

Mummy Roll Dog

Tasty and spooky, you can also get this treat from Petsmart. It's got beef, chicken, and eyeballs. Okay, well the eyeballs are just for show but it's pretty cute until your dog eats it.

Foppers Frankenstein/Skull Treats

These adorable and tasty treats come decorated with skull and Frankenstein faces. They're gourmet and made by Drs. Foster and Smith. 

Halloween Black Pumpkins

If you love handmade, unique treats, you'll have to check these out. They're made by a seller on Etsy and are both pretty and tasty. 

Ghost n' Haunted House

These homemade treats, also from a user on Etsy, are gluten free and packed with yummy peanut butter. So if you prefer a gluten-free diet for your pet, then this is the perfect treat for you. 

Halloween Dog Biscuit Gift Basket

If you want to spoil the heck out of your dog, this is way to go. This treat basket sold on eBay has a bunch of tasty biscuits and they all look cute, too!

If you want to get creative, you can even look up tasty treat recipes and make them on your own. Either way, your dog is sure to have a tasty Halloween. 

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Jenna Gomes