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Easter Basket for Dogs

With Easter around the corner, it's the perfect time to think about what you'll be giving to your dog! Even if you don't typically give out baskets for Easter, it's a great reason to do a little giving for your pup, because you know you love giving your dog presents. Here are some great tips on how to craft the perfect Easter basket for your dog.

Hit the Three Points 

You need to have three things to make an Easter basket perfect for your pup: toys, treats, and pets. Sneak in some tasty treats in their basket, either their favorite kind or an Easter themed selection. You can also go with the Easter-theme with toys you put in the basket, too, by including a stuffed bunny toy or some egg-shaped chew toys. And, of course, the last ingredient: pets! You can't really include this in the basket, but you can add a belly rub to those treats and toys. 

Hide and Seek

Just like kids looks for Easter eggs, you can have your pup look for their Easter basket. If you already play a hide-and-seek game with your pup, then they'll know how to look! If not, there are other ways to lead them to their basket, like a trail of treats. You can encourage them to look, too, by walking around with them and coaxing them to look in certain places. The discovery will be the best part. 

Edible Basket

Instead of filling a traditional wicker basket for your dog, consider creating an edible basket for them. If you're into baking, then you can create a bread-bowl-type dish that's not made out of bread but out of dog-safe ingredients. You can also use a standard dog-bowl but coat the bowl with peanut butter, sticking other treats in them. It will be a fun find for them and will make them work for their treats.

Another great Easter treat is to just spend time with your pup! Take them to the dog park or for a long walk. More than anything, your dog loves spending time with their human best friend.

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Jenna Gomes