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Fall Activities for You and Your Dog

There are plenty of articles out there about fun fall activities for you and your kids, or you and your family. But what if your kids (and family) includes your dog? When those leaves start falling and that crisp breeze starts blowing, you'll want to hit up these fun fall activities with your pooch by your side.

1. Take a Scenic Hike

If you live somewhere where the seasons change, then you know how beautiful that fall foliage can be. Take advantage of this scenery by scoping out a new (or old) hiking spot that is sure to give you and your pup gorgeous fall foliage views. 

2. Play in the Leaves

The only downside here is that your dog can't actually help you rake the leaves. But, once you do rake the leaves and get them into a pile, it's fun-time for you and pup! You dog will love hiding in the leaves and jumping into them! It's pretty much a universal dog rule that they ALL love leaf piles. 

3. Have a Fall-Inspired Baking Session

If your pup has been on extra-good behavior, then they deserve a treat! Do a little from-scratch baking and whip up some pumpkin-inspired treats for them to enjoy. Plus, you can use the excuse to make yourself some treats, too! (Just not biscuits.)

4. Play Ball!

The start of football season can be the start of your home football season! Grab a ball and head out to your yard or a local park to play some football with your dog! And if they prefer tennis balls, hey, nobody will object. And you could totally still put them in their football team gear, like a made-for-dogs jersey. 

 5. Costume Time

Have a little discussion (you know you do) with your dog and ask them what they want to dress up for for Halloween! Next month we'll have a blog for you with some great costume suggestions, but why not start looking now? You can even go all-out and make it yourself!

6. Go Camping

Get away for the weekend and hit the rugged outdoors! Or a less-rugged local park that allows camping. Either way, it'll be tons of fun. You'll get to go hiking, explore with your dog, and just lay around doing nothing. That is, after all, your dog's favorite activity. 

7. Hit the Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze

Before you go to either one, call and make sure your furry friend is allowed. But if they are, go for it! Your dog will have fun wandering around a pumpkin patch and you'll get to pick out your pumpkin. You can also explore a corn maze, which sometimes come along with pumpkin patches. Let your dog lead you, they may help you find your way out! 

So get out there and enjoy that fall season we all love! And yes, it's totally okay to order a pumpkin spice latte. Just be sure to order a little plain whipped cream for your pup, too. 

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Jenna Gomes