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Fall Snacks For Your Puppy

Fall Snacks For Your Puppy

Humans shouldn't be the only ones enjoying fall treats! Here are some dog-safe snacks for your puppies and dogs. Maybe you can even share a treat!

Peeled Apples

Yep, this fall fruit is safe for pups, so go ahead and share those picks from the apple orchard! Removing the peel first can help make the apples easier to digest for them, so be sure to grab a peeler before sharing with them. Your pup probably won't appreciate granny smiths either; try to avoid giving them sour apples. 


Wondering what to do with those pumpkin guts you carved out of your jack o' lanterns? Share some with your pup! Be cautious to remove the pumpkin seeds before giving them any of the pumpkin itself, since seeds can make their tummy upset. You can either mash the pumpkin up and mix it in with their food for an extra-flavorful dinner, or you can cut up some pumpkin cubes and give it to them as a separate snack. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a popular fall dish, and your dog can enjoy them just as much as you do. While they won't be able to enjoy mashed sweet potatoes with all the fixins, they can still enjoy the potatoes on their own! Blanching sweet potatoes is the healthiest way to serve these to your pup. You can give them to them as a treat or mix them in their food. You can also dehydrate strips of sweet potatoes to mimic a rawhide-type chew. 

Peanut Butter

While your dog can't go trick-or-treating and enjoy any candy, they can enjoy peanut butter! Peanut butter is an excellent treat to pair with just about anything. Even just giving your pup a spoonful of peanut butter while you enjoy a candy bar will make them feel less left out. Peanut butter also goes great with apples, so you can give them a double treat if you'd like!

Got any dog-safe fall recipes up your sleeve? Comment and share!

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