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Four Helpful Puppy Training YouTube Channels

Four Helpful Puppy Training YouTube Channels

We know, we love puppies, too - but they can be a handful! Whether you're a first-time puppy owner or you've raised lots of dogs, it never really gets easier. You should always take help where you can get it! Thankfully, many dog experts are online now. Here are some of the best puppy training YouTube channels you and your dog can benefit from:

BrightDog Academy

This YouTube channel has an extensive collection of dog and puppy training videos. BrightDog has various categories and playlists you can access depending on the skill, habit, or age of your dog. They also offer informational videos and share their opinion on various training techniques. BrightDog is a cruelty-free training resource and focuses on positive reinforcement over punishment. 

Stonnie Dennis

Stonnie Dennis's channel has a little bit for every dog owner. Not only does he cover tips and tricks for the average dog owner, but he also covers service dog training and issues, obedience training, boarding, etc. Just about any scenario your dog might be in, Dennis has you covered. He focus on cooperation between owner and dog, rather than simple "you better listen to me" obedience. This fosters a bond between you and your pup and in turn, encourages them to listen to you in the future. 


This channel is run by well-known dog trainer Emily Larlham. Larlham is a fixture in the dog training community and teaches classes, attends conferences, and brings her training all around the continent. However, you can also access her training tips for free from her YouTube channel! Just like BrightDog, Larlham's focus with Kikopup is on positive reinforcement. She stays away from intimidation tactics and focuses on consistency and patience.

Larry Krohn

Larry Krohn's channel is an excellent resource for puppy owners or owners of dogs who often "misbehave." Rather than focusing on teaching your pup tricks, Larry's focus is on corrected behavior and establishing good habits. However, it's not just about your dog - Larry focuses on how you, as an owner, can correct your behavior in order to help you pup be their best self. He addresses many common issues that puppy and dog owners have, and offers you tools to collaborate with your pup instead of just making it about them or what they might be doing wrong.


Of course, YouTube is a great supplement, but you should always look into in-person training as well! And to help you with potty training, Fresh Patch has got your back. 

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