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Five Pet-Safe Plants

Five Pet-Safe Plants

With spring finally here, you might be starting to feel that desire to turn your house into a botanical garden. Of course, when you have dogs and cats, you have to consider what kind of garden you can create. Here are five pet-safe plants that you can keep in your house (without harming your dog or cat). 

1. Herbs

The classic trio of herbs (basil, rosemary, and thyme) are a perfect choice to grow inside. All these herbs thrive in sunlight and should sit in a sunny window. None of these herbs are toxic if you pup or cat ingests them, and you have the bonus of using them in your cooking! 

2. Date Palm

If you want a touch of the tropics in your house, a date palm is a fun addition. If you dog or cat decides to chew/snack on it, no worries - it won't harm them. Date palms love being indoors, so you can choose to put it in any room that has indirect sunlight for it thrive in. These can get big, so prepare it for it to be a focal point of your house!

3. African Violet

Want colorful flowers in your house that also aren't toxic to your pet? African violets are a great choice! They like to be in the sun, but not directly, so keep them away from the window. This is where they'll bloom into a beautiful purple bouquet. And if your pet gets the urge to snack, they're non-toxic.

4. Spider Plant

If you're looking for a hanging plant, this is the ideal one. Even if your cat or dog manages to get access to it, it's completely safe for them. Not only that, but spider plants also can help everyone in the house by purifying the air. To keep the plant happy, keep it out of direct sunlight and watch it stretch its leaves!

5. Venus Flytrap

While you might not believe us because of Little Shop of Horrors, these carnivorous plants are actually non-toxic to your pet! They're also a really fun conversation-starter with friends and family. They also thrive in rainwater, so if you keep them on the porch or in an area that gets fresh rain, this will help it grow. Direct sunlight and damp soil for make for a happy flytrap... also, somewhere where it can snag the occasional fly. 


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