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Forget Cat Cafes... Check Out These Dog Cafes

If you've been present in our recent world, then you would know that cat cafes are at the height of popularity. Basically, you can buy a coffee, tea, or lunch and then go into a room where you can hang out with a bunch of cats, many of which are up for adoption. But what about dog-lovers? Good news, folks: there are DOG cafes, too!

United States

The Dog Cafe LA - Los Angeles, CA

This is America's only dog cafe that's identical to cat cafes - you go, drink coffee, and hang out with adorable, adoptable dogs. It's location in Los Angeles is ideal because as we know, big cities come with a lot of dogs that need homes. Check them out for yourself!

Boris & Horton - New York, NY

While you can't adopt dogs from Boris & Horton, you can at least bring your dog along! This cafe is a dog-themed, dog-friendly cafe where you can bring your furry best friend along with you for that yummy tea and croissant. 

Jackonsville Dog Cafe - Jacksonville, FL

A spin on a permanent dog cafe, the Jacksonville Dog Cafe is mobile! Its location moves around to wherever the adoptable dogs are. They often hold events in parks, at local shelters, or at pet stores. You can grab your latte from their mobile cart and then find your new best friend! 

Outside U.S.

While there are plenty of dog cafes aren't the world, sadly none of them do dog adoption. However, if you're visiting any of these countries, these are still some great places to grab a snack and hang with pups!

Inu Cafe - Thailand

This cafe is just what it sounds like - you can get your iced coffee with a kiss from a Shiba Inu. The dozen Shiba Inus that hang around the cafe belong to the owner, so you can't take them home. But hey, you can still pet them every time you visit! 

Barkin' Blends Dog Cafe - Quezon City, Philippines

This cafe in the Philippines doesn't just do coffee or tea - they have a full menu. In fact, the burgers on that menu are named after the resident dogs and what they'd eat! Of course, the dogs will probably eat anything... so eat that burger fast!

Puppychino - New Delhi, India

1. This cafe is punny. 2. You can bring your own dog! 3. There are dogs already there! Basically, it's the best of all words. There are snacks/meals for humans and dog friends alike to enjoy. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there to explore, adopt, and pet all the dogs!



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Jenna Gomes