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Forget Fetch! Here are Some Other Games for Fido...

Fetch can be fun, of course, but it can also get repetitive. Do you want to step outside the box when it comes to games with Fido? We have your back! Here are some games besides Fetch that you can play your pup. 


Use household items to create an obstacle course in your yard (or inside, if you have open space.) You can use rolled up blankets, brooms, or anything else that lies low that they can jump over. Just walk them through it first to get them used to it, then run through it with them to get them (and you) exercise!

Hide and Seek

Yes, dogs can play this, too! Train them to play by telling them to sit and stay somewhere in your house. Then, go hide somewhere and call out their name. When they find you, reward them with treats. It'll exercise their legs and their brain!


Similar to fetch, but better because your dog can catch a frisbee midair. That makes it even more fun for them and improves their agility. 

Hide the Toy

Hide and Seek, but with a toy! Have your pup smell the toy, then tell them to stay while you go and hide it. Once you hide it, give them the "Find It" command. You can help them by leading them to the toy with treats.

Tug of War

This is a simple one, but it can be really beneficial for you dog. It can help them release canine aggression (which all of them have, just like we have aggression!) and it's good for training them. You can teach them when to "get it" or "let go" of the toy.

Round Robin

This is good if you have kids, to teach them good dog training skills. Have everyone sit, preferably in a big, open area outside, across from each other. Everyone holds treats and takes turns calling your pup to them. It's good exercise for your dog and teaches them to respond to their name. 

Whatever you play with your dog, they'll have tons of fun with you. The important part is that you're both having fun and they'er learning something!



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Jenna Gomes