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Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Your friends and family probably love coming over to visit your dog - I mean, uh, you! If you and your pup want to impress them, here are some tricks you can do together. These tricks are fun and easy to learn for most dogs, and you'll have fun teaching them!

Shake Paws

You hug your friends and family when they arrive, so why not teach your pup to do the same thing - except with a handshake! Whether they're meeting someone new or greeting someone they've seen many times, a little paw shake will impress everybody. Since dogs typically like using their paws, it's not too difficult to teach them this trick, as they'll find it easy to learn!


Another trick that will help your pup use their hands is a wave. Waving hello or goodbye is the perfect way for your dog to greet your friends. The wave trick should come after the shaking paws trick, since they can base it off of the same paw motion. 

Roll Over

Rolling over is a classic dog trick, but it truly never gets old. It's adorable to watch your dog roll around on the floor like an eager pup. This is a fun trick, but is a little more involved than basic tricks. This is because even if your dog knows how to drop to the floor, you have to teach them to go through the full motion. This trick is easiest when taught in parts. 

Play Dead

If your friends are into theatre, they'll love this dramatic trick. This trick can be learned easily if your dog already knows how to roll over, since they'll know the motion of rolling up into the air - the next part is to teach them to stay there! 


If you let your guests feed your pup treats, you still gotta make your dog work for it! Instead of the typical "sit" or "lay down," have them do a  little spin instead. This trick can be achieved pretty easily by holding a treat and making your dog follow it in a circle. Over time, you'll be able to get them to do it with a simple command or hand motion. 


So what are you waiting for? Teach your pup these tricks so that your friends will think your dog is cuter than ever. 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes