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Getting Your Dog to Love Baths

While bathtime is normally pretty relaxing for humans, it might not be the same for our furry friends. Many dogs love baths just as much as we do, but there are plenty of dogs who hate the idea of getting clean. Here are some tips on how to get your dog to love (or even tolerate) baths. 

Exercise First

Just like a shower feels nice after we go for a jog, it will feel just as nice for your pup to take a shower after lots of exercise. Try taking them to the dog park first and then giving them a bath. The water might feel more like a relief than a scary monster. 

Get the Temperature Right

First thing's first - get the temperature exactly right. Cold water can shock a pup just as much as it shocks us. Let the water run for a bit and test the water out for yourself. Land somewhere between too cold and too hot. 

Provide Some Footing

Since dog's nails are a lot longer than ours, it's a lot harder for them to gain traction in the tub. To help your pup, put down some kind of bath mat on the floor of the tub. If they have a better footing, they will be less panicked when they enter the slippery tub. 

Make It Fun

Make bathtime sound like fun by treating it like you do a walk or playtime. Bring a fun energy to your voice or use the "excited" voice that all dog owners have. You can even get your dog bath toys that they play with specifically in the tub - making bathtime into playtime. 

Bathtime = Snacktime

Your dog's favorite thing besides you is probably food. So why not practice a little healthy bribery? Praise your dog and give them treats as they get into the tub and as you bathe them. If not excited by the bath itself, they will at least be excited by the treats. 

Be Gentle

And of course, be gentle when you start off with the water. Don't put them right under the shower faucet or dump a whole bucket of water on them. Instead, fill the bathtub slowly so that they get used to it. Around the face and ears, be gentle and use less water. 

Hopefully these tips will get your pup even more excited about bathtime than you are! 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes