January 24, 2017

Great (and Simple) DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Halloween is steadfastly approaching! And it won't really be Halloween without a costume, so you better dress up! And while you're at it, why don't you help your dog dress up too? Here we have some DIY Halloween costumes that are cute and easy!

It's no secret that dogs don't love dressing up. So you want to make sure that while they look cute, they'll be nice and comfy! Avoid plush or overly hot fabrics as well as anything that will impair their walking.

1. Tutu

Maybe your dog wants to be a ballerina. So why not indulge them? It'll go around your pup's waist so they don't have to wear a whole suit. You'll need cardboard, velcro, elastic, and tulle. Here are the details on how to make it.   

2. Twinkie

Your pup is sweetheart, so why not turn them into a sweet treat for Halloween? You can pick a light and comfy fabric so your dog won't get overheated and it's simple to make with fabric, velcro, and fabric paint. 

3. Bacon

You love it, your dog loves it, who doesn't love bacon? Dress up your dog as bacon and dress up yourself as egg. It's perfect for breakfast lovers or people who just love adorable couple costumes.

4. Lion

This one is perfect because all you need is a mane! Of course, your dog might have to be a tan-colored dog for this to work, but it would be adorable all-the-same. Here's how to mane up your dog. 

5. Monster

It's easy to make your dog into a monster because you can make them look however you want to! Monsters can have one eye or three, six legs or ten! The easiest way to make your dog into a monster is just by placing a head wrap on them. 

There are tons of other costumes where these come from! No matter what you dress up your dog as, just make sure they're happy! The happiest pooch is the cutest pooch.

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