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Happy Pet Appreciation Week!

It's the first week of June. Do you know what that means? It's Pet Appreciation Week! This week occurs every year to celebrate the animals we love most - our pets! Here are some ways that you can celebrate with your pet this week.


Your dog deserves a treat every once in a while - especially during Pet Appreciation Week. Take some time this week to pick out a new treat for your pup. Some of the best brands out there that are both tasty and good for your dog are Blue Buffalo Dog Treats, Old Mother Hubbard, Zuke's Jerky, and Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Treats. There are tons more where that came from, so just ask your vet or local pet store for treat advice. 

Grooming & Bath

So, maybe your dog doesn't enjoy baths or grooming, but it's certainly good for them! Places like Petsmart and Petco offer grooming services if your pup needs a trim. However, if you'd just like to give your dog a nice bath, you can use stores like Petvalu, which has a self-wash station complete with baths, towels, shampoo and a blow dryer.  

Take Them Out

It's nice to get out on the town once in a while - so take your pup with you! In many states and cities, dogs are allowed at restaurants or bars on the patio, either on select days or every day. If you check out, you'll be able to find tons of places to bring your pup in your area or other areas, from parks to hotels to restaurants. 


Enjoy the great outdoors with your pup! Explore a trail near you that you can take your dog on. Just remember that it's safest to keep your dog on a leash when hiking, especially if it's a more treacherous path, like a mountain or woods path. 


If your pup loves other pups, then take him or her out to a local dog park. There are dog parks in most cities and suburbs, just take a look around or ask! In many cities, the local animal resource center might have a dog park in which they let your dog socialize with their adoptable dogs. It's fun for everyone! 

No matter how you celebrate Pet Appreciation Week, you'll make your dog happy as long as you show them your love! 



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Jenna Gomes