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Heroic Dog's Honor Lives On

Nearly 75 years after Chips the German Shepherd-Husky mix made heroic efforts to save the lives of many humans, he is finally being honored.

Years after his death, Chips has been awarded the Dickin Medal for all of his work during Operation Husky. John Wren, who knew Chips when he was just a baby, accepted the award for Chips. The award was presented at the infamous Churchill War Rooms in London. 

So, what did Chips do to earn all of this honor? Starting life out an an ordinary family pooch, Chips was donated (or rather, borrowed) to the Army by his owners, the Wrens. In 1943, Chips landed with his platoon in Sicily during World War II. Just the landing was eventful, as the entire platoon was met with fire. 

Immediately, Chips ran at the enemies who were firing. Relatively soon, the firing stopped as the three Italian soldiers surrendered with Chips giving them plenty of warning if they didn't. He even had one of them by the throat! Chips suffered minor injuries but continued on with his fully first day of duty by sniffing out and warning his platoon about 10 enemy combatants - all who surrendered at the request of Chips. 

Chips continued his heroic duty for a full three-and-a-half years. He came home without harm and got to live with his family happily and comfortably for the rest of his life.

Initially, Chips's heroic service earned him both a Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, and a Purple Heart. Unfortunately, those were later determined to be for humans only, so they were taken back. 

Now though, Chips can rest in happy peace knowing that he saved many lives - and now has the medal to prove it.

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes