June 29, 2017

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Homeward Bound

A dog owner's worst fear is losing their dog. Unfortunately, dogs get out of the yard sometimes or yank away from their leash. This is what happened to two dogs in the U.K. who went missing on June 16th. However, these dogs managed to find a special way home. 

Charlie and Theo, two miniature schnauzers, went missing when they got away from their owners' son. The two dogs (who are father and son) had disappeared into the fog. Their owners, Liz and Graham Hampson, went on a desperate search for them, acquiring over 100 people to help them! 

After 96 hours of their dogs being missing, the Hampsons were distraught and tired. But if you own a dog, you know that you would never give up hope. The Hampsons decided to try to get Charlie and Theo back by appealing to their doggy weakness - food! 

The couple, knowing how much their pups love sausages, decided to try to take advantage of the famous canine sense of smell by cooking sausages at the spot where Charlie and Theo went missing. 

The couple brought a grille and their dogs' favorite sausages to the spot they were last seen and started a cookout! It wasn't long before the Hampsons could see their dogs running towards them from a distance. It was a happy reunion for all!

So if your pup ever wanders away, why not have a cookout? It worked for the Hampsons!

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