July 31, 2017

Hot Day Tips for Pups

It's the midst of summer and you know what that means - heat! In most ares of the U.S., the days are getting hotter by the minute. It can sometimes be difficult to understand just how a dog can handle the heat, since we aren't dogs! Here are some things to keep in mind for hot days. 

Say "No" To Parked Cars

Remember: Never, ever, ever leave your dog in a parked car in hot weather. This can't be said enough! Even on a day in the 70's, a car can heat up very quickly. On an 85-degree day, even a car with cracked windows can reach up to 120 degrees in just half an hour. If you have your dog with you, make sure it's somewhere where you can bring your dog along.

Keep an Eye on Humidity 

Humidity matters just as much as temperature - sometimes even more. High humidity can mean that temperatures might feel much hotter than they are. Humidity can cause your pup to pant more, which means they lose moisture faster. Make sure you don't stay outside too long on days with a high humidity index.

Less Time Outside

Exercise is great for your pup, but you want to make sure you limit your dog's time outside on extremely hot days. While it's alright if they're just lounging in the shade, excessive exercise can be too much on your dog, both because of sweating and because of skin cancer risks.

Test the Pavement

If the pavement is hot, it can burn your pup's paws. The pads on dog's paws can be sensitive, so test the pavement before you take them onto it. To do this, just lay your hand palm-down on the pavement. If you can't keep your hand there for at least 10 seconds, the pavement will be too hot for your pup. 


Always make sure that your pup is drinking plenty of water. Water on hot days is important to keep your dog from getting dehydrated. Always provide them with water inside the house, and carry water with you on long walks or trips to the park. 

You love your pup, so be sure to keep them cool and happy during the hottest days of the year!

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