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How Long Does Potty Training My Dog Take?

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Bringing a new dog home is a big decision, and one of the hardest parts of adding a furry family member is the potty training process. You might know how to potty train, but how long should potty training take? Well, it depends! Here are some factors that effect how long it takes your dog to master the art of going outside.

Small Dogs vs. Large Dogs

While this can be a generalization, it is more common for a large dog to potty train more quickly than a small dog. This isn't due to the size of their little brain, (as they're just as a smart!); it's actually due to the size of their bladder. Small dogs who drink just as much water as large dogs might have to go pee more, which can cause them to have more accidents when first learning to go outside the house. Due to this, potty training your dog might take longer if you new pup is a smaller breed versus a larger breed. 


Potty training your dog requires a lot of work from you. Don't expect your dog or puppy to just "get it." Set a specific schedule to take them out, this way they get used to the times they should go out, and the length of time and between. For example, if you make a commitment to taking them out every four hours, don't "cheat" and skip any of those times. Even if your dog doesn't seem like they have to go, take them out. This will help get their body on a certain schedule, helps them know what to expect, and ultimately, will help get them potty trained faster.

Age and Background

Where you got your new pup and how old they are will affect how long it takes to potty train them. If you are welcoming home a new puppy, it will likely take you longer to potty train them than an older dog because they are very new at learning things! Puppies still don't quite understand the concept of going potty somewhere else, as they haven't been in this type of situation before. It's important to give puppies a longer time to adjust to the training. Adult dogs, on the other hands, are more likely to catch on quickly, provided that they've lived somewhere else where they've been potty trained before. If an adult dog had been a stray for a while, however, then it might take them longer to understand the concept of going outside versus inside.

Fresh Patch vs. No Fresh Patch

Having a Fresh Patch in the house can help supplement the potty training process and ultimately, help your dog get trained more quickly. The fresh grass of our potties helps a dog to associate "potty" with "outside," even if they're not outside. For dogs that need to go potty more often and might not be able to hold it, it's also a good place for your pup to go potty without having an "accident" on the floor.

What to Expect

In order for your dog or puppy to be fully potty-trained, you should give them about three to six months to master the skill. If you are good at keeping them on track, praising them, and utilizing Fresh Patch, your pup will gain the confidence they need to be accident-free. 

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Jenna Gomes