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How to Give the Gift of Fresh Patch


If your dog loves their Fresh Patch, then you know how great it can be for someone else's dog! Here are some ideas on who to gift with a Fresh Patch in the future, and some things you should think about when you do surprise them! 

Reasons to Gift

New Puppy

Has your friend or family member recently welcomed a new puppy into their life? A Fresh Patch is the perfect gift to give them. Getting their puppy accustomed to using a Fresh Patch might help the midnight potty run much shorter - to the Fresh Patch instead of the backyard. Puppy potty raining can be difficult and tiring, but with a Fresh Patch to help them, it might make their lives as a new puppy owner a little easier. 

Recent Move

Is someone you know making a move in their life? Moves to a new home can sometimes be stressful, even for the most well-behaved dogs. Consider gifting your friend a Fresh Patch to help their pup with the transition. A Fresh Patch can be especially helpful if the move is from a home to a high-rise or other type of apartment. In apartments like this, a trip to go potty at night might involve putting on shoes, a jacket, bringing your keys - everything that can feel like a whole lot of effort when you're tired. If you gift your friend a Fresh Patch, however, those nighttime potty breaks take a lot less effort for you and your dog. 

New Shelter Dog

Adoption can be one of the most rewarding experiences for anyone, but it also comes with a period of adjustment for both the dog and their new owner. If a friend recently brought home a shelter dog, gifting them with a Fresh Patch can make the adjustment easier. In a new home, even adult dogs that are potty trained can have a difficult time going potty when and where they're supposed to. By gifting someone a Fresh Patch, their newly adopted friend might be more likely to use their Fresh Patch in the case of an emergency instead of the carpet. 

Different Job Hours

If your friend or family member has a schedule change in their life, this can be a bit hard on their dog's potty clock. With so much transition happening right now from working in the office to remote work to back in the office, dogs might be a little confused. You can help you friends and their dog by gifting them with a Fresh Patch. If your friend is transitioning from being home all day to being away for six or eight hours, adding a Fresh Patch can help for those midday emergencies that their pup might have. 

New Small Pet

That's right - the Fresh Patch isn't only for dogs! If your friend is adding a bunny or guinea pig to the family, a Fresh Patch is a great alternative to standard rodent litter bedding. You can gift them a Fresh Patch to see if their new little critter prefers fresh grass to other litter options.

Things to Consider

Is Fresh Patch new to them?

If the person you're gifting the Fresh Patch to hasn't used one for their pup before, then you might want to fill them in a bit! You can point them to our website once you gift it, include our info packets with the gift, or simply tell them how awesome you've found it to be!

What size is their dog?

Since Fresh Patches come in multiple sizes, you want to make sure that you find the right fit (literally) for your friend's dog! If they have a puppy or small breed dog, the standard size will probably be best. For dogs between 15 and 30 pounds (some puppies or small breeds), then the large size is ideal. And for any dog bigger than that, the XL size would be perfect them them!And of course, if you're gifting it to a friend who will be using it for another small pet like a rabbit or guinea pig, the mini size would be perfect!

Should I get accessories?

You can also gift your friend or family member accessories along with their Fresh Patch. While each Fresh Patch comes in its own box, you can always gift them a nice accessory along with it, like a wooden sleeve or tray, or which we can ship to them right along with their Fresh Patch! You can even buy them a wooden sleeve and a Fresh Patch as a combo pack for a reduced rate. 

Would they want a subscription?

If you're looking to give them a bigger gift, consider subscribing them to Fresh Patch instead of just making a one-time purchase. The most popular subscription is a delivery that occurs every two weeks. You can do this, and if they love their Fresh Patch, they can always pick up the subscription when it's over!

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