June 30, 2017

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How to Throw a Great Doggy Party

If you're somebody who loves parties, you don't need an excuse to throw one! And if you're looking for a new kind of party to throw, why not a dog party? You can throw a party for your dog's birthday or for a holiday. Here's how to plan the perfect doggy party.

Guest List

You'll need to perfect the guest list for a dog party. Invite your dog's friends, but be careful if considering inviting somebody new. It's best to invite dog friends that you know are good in social situations. 

Supervision Required

Invite your friends to stay around, not just your dog's friends. That will make sure that you won't be in over your head with too many dogs to handle on your own. 


You'll want to figure out the perfect location for your dog party. If you have a fenced-in yard, you can have it at your house! Or if you prefer less set-up/clean-up, look for a local dog park to have your party at. Many dog parks even have pavilions and picnic tables for owners to hang out at.


Every good party has great snacks! For a dog party, you have to think carefully about what kind of food you provide. Have a snack table with some dog treats and vegetables. Veggies are great for dogs and can be a healthier alternative to more calorie-heavy dog treats. Make sure that if you have snacks available, they're out of reach of the dogs. That way, owners can decide when to give their pups treats instead of their dogs helping themselves.

No matter how you throw a dog party, it's sure to be great if your furry best friend is there!

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