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How Your Dog Tells You Something is Wrong

While you might love your dog, it's not always easy to know what's going on inside their mind. And though your pup is good at telling you a lot, they still, unfortunately, can't speak the same language that we do. If your dog is feeling uncomfortable, here are some ways they'll let you know. 

Persistent Barking

You know when your dog barks, something's up. And while your pup barking at a stranger outside or a dog out the window might be a normal occurrence, persistent barking with no apparent cause is something you shouldn't ignore. Your dog usually barks to alert you something is off, though it doesn't always mean something is off with themselves. They might be alerting you that another pet is in trouble or even that something is wrong with a human nearby. There's a reason the character Lassie always barked to alert people of trouble - dogs still do it! Of course, your dog might be barking due to something as simple losing their toy under the couch, but you should always investigate just in case.

Whining or Crying

Whining, especially close to the door to your house, usually means your dog has to go potty. Whining, crying, and yipping can also indicate something more serious, though. High-pitched yipping or squealing, for example, might be an indication that your dog is in pain. You should always take this seriously, especially if it's repeated or accompanied with physical symptoms like laying down, limping, or other unusual movements. If your can identify the source of your pup's pain, then you can determine if you should call the vet or take action. While crying could mean they have something stuck in their paw you could remove, it can also indicate a deeper problem, so never hesitate to call your vet for advice!


If your dog is hiding and this isn't their typical behavior, then something might be up with them. Hiding can sometimes mean that your dog is feeling frightened or intimidated, but if there are no external factors that would cause your dog to be scared, then it could mean that something is bothering them physically. You should take hiding seriously, especially when it's unusual for your dog. The more uncomfortable your dog feels, the longer they're likely to stay hidden in a place where they feel safe. When this occurs, it's best to call your veterinarian to ask for advice on the next steps. 


While you might expect your dog to lay still when something is wrong, many times it's the opposite that will happen. If your dog isn't typically hyperactive but has a sudden burst of energy, consider the possibilities of why. It could, of course, just mean that they have some pent-up energy that they're trying to release, especially if they've been kenneled all day or have been inactive for a while. However, if it seems out of nowhere or panicked in any way, this might mean that your dog ingested something they shouldn't have, like something caffeinated that could be spiking their energy level. In this case, check around to make sure there isn't anything bad they could have eaten, and if they have, call your vet ASAP or the pet poison control line.

Your dog has your back, so make sure you have theirs by always listening to them and watching out for the things they're trying to tell you! 

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes