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Indoor Activities With Your Dog

If you're practicing social distancing right now to stay safe, the good news it that you don't have to distance yourself from your dog! While you're trying to stay inside as much as possible, here are some ideas for indoor activities you can enjoy with your dog.

Bake Treats Together

While your dog might not be good at mixing the batter, they'll certainly be good at eating the treats once they're made! There are tons of simple recipes you can find for yummy doggy treats. You can make treats out of many different ingredients, so if you're low on one ingredient, you might be able to find a different recipe that's right for you. This is fun for you because it keeps you busy and even more fun for your dog because they get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Do Some Puzzles

You and your dog can tease your brains by doing puzzles together. There are lots of different puzzle types out there for your pup, most of which reward them with treats. These puzzles range from easy to difficult, and you can order plenty from online that will be able to keep your dog busy. While your dog is doing puzzles, you can also do you own so it feels like you're learning together. The only difference is, you probably won't get a treat as a reward when you finish your puzzle (unless you give yourself one, of course). 

Play Fetch 

A good old-fashioned game of fetch is the perfect way to enjoy time with your pup. This is actually something you can take outside, of course, if you have a fenced-in yard, but if you're stuck inside, you can play fetch as well. Instead of throwing the ball (since this might break things), roll the ball like bowling ball so that your pup can still chase it. Find the longest hallway in your house, or clear some space for your dog to run back and forth. 

Play Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-seek isn't just for kids, it's for adults and their pups, too! If your whole family is home, you can all play together. It takes some work, but the idea is to for you to hide and for your dog to find you. If your dog knows basic commands like "stay," then you can ask them to stay put while you go hide. Then, once you're hidden, call for them! It's fun for you pup because it always feels like a surprise when they find you (especially if you have treats). 

Touch Up on Training

If you've always wanted to spend time training your dog but haven't been able to commit to it before, now's the perfect opportunity! You can brush up on training skills with them or teach them new skills. You can find helpful training videos online and look for fun training tips that will impress all the dogs at the dog park once your pup is able to get back out there!

Whatever you choose to do with your dog, just remember to stay safe and healthy - your pup wants you to!


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