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Introducing Tesla's "Dog Mode"

If you're a dog owner, then you know that one of the woes of ownership is not being able to take your pup inside if they're with you and you have to run inside the gas station to pay. However, Tesla has a solution. The all new "Dog Mode." 

We know that it's not safe to leave our pups in the car in most weather conditions, since temperatures even as low as the 70's can cause a very hot car. However, it's also difficult to leave dogs in the car with the air conditioning going because many cars won't lock from the outside if the car is running. Seeing this problem, Tesla came up with the innovative "Dog Mode."

With "Dog Mode," Tesla owners can set an interior car temperature for their pups before they leave the car. Even when the owner leaves the vehicle, this system will ensure that the car stays at the temperature set by the owner. The mobile app associated with "Dog Mode" will alert you if your battery runs too low and will keep you updated on the current temperature.

To keep any passerbys from worrying, this system will also display a message on the center screen alerting any witnesses that the pup's owner is nearby and informs them of the interior temperature of the car so that they can rest easy. 

Even though "Dog Mode" is a new system, many Teslas after 2016 are equipped with an additional protection system, "Cabin Overheat Protection." This system automatically starts to decrease interior temperatures once they climb too high. This system was developed to help protect both kids and dogs who might be trapped in a fatally-hot car.

The "Dog Mode" feature is set to be released on future Teslas.

Here's the thing - it's vital to remember that "Dog Mode" doesn't mean you can leave your dog in the car while going on a lengthy shopping sprees. Remember that it is safest to simply leave your pup at home! But systems like "Dog Mode" are perfect for when you're taking solo road trips or when you're running inside the store to grab them a treat. 

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Jenna Gomes