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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Are you getting some last-minute Christmas shopping done? If you want your pup to unwrap something on Christmas (or Christmas Eve, or whatever your tradition is!), but haven't gotten anything yet, here are some ideas for some last-minute gifts you can get for your furry best friend.


Obviously, this one is an easy win. Since you don't have to order toys online, it's easy to go to your local pet store to find the perfect toys for them. To make them extra special for Christmas, be sure to get high-quality toys that are built to last. Most KONG products are incredibly durable and will probably be around for a while. Also keep an eye out for toys that are made with firehouse material (most say it on the package) because these hold up well to even the strongest chewers. 

Basket of Dog Treats

Make up a whole basket of your dog's favorite treats for Christmas. You can stop in the store and pick out their favorites and even through some new treats in for them to try (remember, Greenies help everyone!). Of course, make sure they don't eat all of them at once. Don't want to fight the Christmas crowds at the stores? Make your own homemade treats! There are tons of dog treat recipes out there that are simple and yummy. 

Sweatshirt Pet Bed

Have an old sweatshirt that you're no longer using? Think about crafting it into a pet bed! This would mean that you could recycle your sweatshirt and give your pup a new, comfy bed. It's also a great project if you're handy. Here are some instructions on how to transform your old sweatshirt into a bed for your pup.

A Gourmet Dinner

How about a Christmas dinner that your pup can eat alongside you? Whip up something special for them and have them "open" it (aka eat it) while you eat your Christmas dinner. Here are same safe foods for your pup that you could whip up for their dinner. 

Hopefully these ideas help you gift your furry best friend with the ideal Christmas gift!

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