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Most Popular Celebrity Dog Breeds

We all know celebrities love their dogs, as evidenced by our many celebrity dog features we've had! But do some dogs stand out more than others? Here are some dog breeds that tend to be the most popular among our celebrity idols.

1. Chihuahua

If you don't already know it by the quirky and adorable movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, these pups are quite the big deal in Hollywood. The ever-tenacious Elle Woods toted around her Chihuahua, Bruiser, in the lovable movie, Legally Blonde, but you can find plenty of this breed under the arms of real-life celebs, too! Paula Abdul post pictures of her four Chihuahuas all the time and Paris Hilton has made quite the little celeb out of her Tinkerbell. Plus, we can't forget Britney Spears bringing her Chihuahua, Bit Bit, along for a red carpet walk in 2004. 

2. Labrador Retriever

From small to big, many Labs can be sighted alongside of celebs, too! It's no wonder, since many celebs love to get exercise. Labs are known for their athleticism, so they make a great workout buddy for all those health-conscious celebs! Plus, we all knows the loyalty Labs give you. Drew Barrymore even gives credit to her Lab-Chow mix, Flossie, for saving her from a fire by barking until she woke up. Comedian Steve Martin shows off his yellow Lab, Wally, often. Sarah McLaughlan, whose songs accompany those heartbreaking ASPCA commercials, has her own pup, a Black Lab named Rex!

3. French Bulldog

Back to the small breeds! French Bulldogs and their adorable mug have stolen many a celebrities' hearts. Celebs tend to choose these pups not only because they have cute faces but because they're easy to take care of and take with you! Carrie Fisher has proved her pup's photogenic skills when she dressed him up as Princess Leia! Lady Gaga also is a proud owner of a French Bulldog and a bit of a stage mom, putting her dog, Asia, in a starring role in of Coach's ad campaigns. 


There are tons more celeb pups where these came from! What dog breeds do you most often see accompanying celebrities?

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Jenna Gomes