November 25, 2017

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National Dog Show Recap

Thanksgiving - it's a day filled with family, food, parades, and of course, dog shows! Every year, the American Kennel Club's National Dog Show airs on our televisions on Thanksgiving Day, making for the perfect thing to watch while we prep our food. Here's who took home the wins in this year's dog show. 

Hound Group - Whippet

Last year, Gia the Greyhound won Best in Show, and this year her Whippet-cousin took home the honors in the hound group. 

Herding Group - Old English Sheepdog

Who doesn't love a fluffy sheepdog? This beautifully-groomed pup was an obvious choice for winner of the herding group. Seriously, this sheepdog's hair glistened. 

Working Group - Portuguese Water Dog

 Bo and Sunny Obama aren't the only famous Portuguese Water Dogs. This adorable and goofy pup not only earned a win in the Working Group, but was the runner-up for Best in Show. 

Terrier Group - American Staffordshire Terrier

This American Staffordshire Terrier couldn't be much cuter, with a gorgeous brindle coat and a lot of bounce in their steps. This excited pup bounced right up to winner of the terrier group. 

Sporting Group - English Springer Spaniel

It might have "spring" in its name, but the English Springer Spaniel who stole the title walked with finesse and grace (okay, and maybe a little spring in their adorable doggy steps). 

Non-Sporting Group - French Bulldog

There's a reason everyone's hearts are captured by French Bulldogs. This tiny, stocky pup had a snout so cute you'd want to ask for a kiss. Of course, there's no dog kisses in the National Dog Show (but still some tail wagging). 

 No, we haven't left out a coveted group. The winner of the last group was the overall winner of the dog show. Drumroll, please!

Toy Group and Best in Show - Brussels Griffon

Really, three-year-old Newton (GCH Somerset Wynzall Hashtag is his show name) the Brussels Griffon only needed one category to win in - cuteness. This adorable pint-sized pup strutted the arena with poise and perfect hair. Congratulations, Newton! You are certainly one adorable dog. 

Check out NBC's website and their Twitter page for videos and photos of these adorable pups. 

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