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New Year, New Dog!

It's here, we have officially made it to 2021! And what's a better way to celebrate than with your pup? Help you dog become the best version of themselves this year by teaching them some new tricks. Here are some easy tricks you can go over with your pup this year.


Your pup might be able to go get a toy, but will they bring it back to you? Teaching them how to fetch will instill good manners and make for a fun play time! Fetch can be relatively easy to teach, and can be fun for your dog to learn. The key to teach them is to ensure that they have their "hold" and "drop" commands down, which makes it easy to build off of those to encourage them to "hold" the toy and bring it to you. 

Shake Hands or High Five

Your friends will love this trick! It's a great way to teach your pup to do something polite before receiving a treat. Even a simple trick like this can help your pup develop discipline and manners. With treat incentives, this trick can be easy to learn. Just hold your pup's paw and repeat the command word you choose to begin teaching them this trick. 

Stand on Hind Legs

This trick is adorable and can also encourage good habits! Since many pups might be prone to jumping on you or guests, teaching them to stand up or jump only when you ask them can help to stop this habit. This is a more involved trick, so be sure to set aside some time and patience to teach your pup this trick. 


"Stay" might not be a fun trick to teach your pup, but it is a useful one! Teaching your pup to stay is an essential tool in teaching them good habits, especially when guests are over. You can teach your pup this tool by giving them treats when they follow your direction as well as staying consistent with the boundaries of what and where "stay" should happen. 


No matter what new tricks you teach your pup, be sure to thank them for being by your side for this new year!

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Jenna Gomes