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Pawfect Places for Your Real Grass Potty

Have you just received a Fresh Patch as a gift for the holiday season? Or maybe you're trying it out after moving into a new home or welcoming a new furry family member. If so, you might be wondering where you should put your Fresh Patch. Well, we're here to help you and your pup with some suggestions on the pawfect places for your new Fresh Patch.


If you have a basement that you keep open or that has a doggy door, then it's a perfect place for a Fresh Patch. It's a nice, private space, so your dog will feel comfortable if they like having their own space. While the all-real grass of Fresh Patch keeps smells tucked away, it's still nice to have your dog's Fresh Patch in a separate space. 


Many people don't think to put their Fresh Patch on the patio, since it's already outside! However, your patio is a perfect spot for your dog's Fresh Patch if you have limited grass space, or if it's protected by an area of the roof that covers it from rain or snow. This makes it easier for your dog to go potty on real grass even in inclement weather or in a yard that's mostly pavement.


Taking your pup outside for the midnight potty break is RUFF if you live in an apartment or high rise. Thankfully, your balcony + Fresh Patch = an easy solution! Provided that your balcony has high railing and is doggy-safe, then it's certainly Fresh Patch safe. It's a nice way for your dog to get fresh air and go potty without tackling stairs and elevators.

Indoor or Outdoor Porch

A Fresh Patch can also go on your porch, whether you have an indoor or outdoor porch. A screened or covered porch is a great place for a Fresh Patch, because your pup can feel comfortable going potty even when there's bad weather. Outdoor porches or decks are also a good place for your dog, especially if you just want them to run out quickly or if your backyard mostly consists of pavement or deck. 

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Jenna Gomes