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4-Reasons Pee-Pads Suck


Did you know using pee or wee pads for potty training can actually pose issues for you and your pup in the long run?  Here are the top 4 reasons to avoid using pee or wee pads and why you should try REAL grass potty patches like Fresh Patch instead.


1] Pee Pad or Bath Mat?
Training your pup ‘to-go’ on synthetic materials like pee pads or fake-grass in the house will surely lead to the use of other synthetic materials within your home.
Dog sitting on mat as meme saying "I'm sorry mom, I thought it was a pee-pad"


2] Training w/ Pee-Pads ain't that Easy!
Dogs instinctively want to potty on REAL grass, not a confusing white mat on the floor.  So teaching your dog to potty on a wee-pad can wind up being a difficult process. 
As April Rothwell, certified dog training and co-owner of Bella Woof perfectly said, "I find Fresh Patch quickly train pups to go on natural grass surfaces, rather than puppy pads, which encourages going on unnatural surfaces, like my clients' expensive rugs".


3] Pee-Pads are Stinky & Unsightly
Handling and throwing out used pee pads does not rank high on the fun list.  Simply disposing of pee pads in your home’s waste basket will result in unpleasant smells sure to waft throughout the rest of your home.

Can we also talk about your dog’s tendency to tear up their wee pads? Nothing is worse than inviting guests into your home and finding shredded pee pads everywhere.

Pee-Pads are Stinky & Unsightly


4] Our Planet Hates Pee-Pads Too
Pee-pads are the same material as baby diapers, and studies indicate that diapers take up to 500 years to degrade in landfills.  50 years for a 'bio-degradable' diaper.  This is another reason our customer choose Fresh Patch REAL grass patches when it comes to their indoor dog potty needs. 
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