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Perfecting your Dog's Balcony Potty

If you're looking for the perfect dog grass for your balcony, look no further than Fresh Patch! With various sizes to fit your pup's needs, it's an easy decision to make Fresh Patch your pup's go-to balcony potty. Here are some tips if you plan on adding one to your balcony.

Pick the Right Size

We've already mentioned this - but we various sizes of Fresh Patch available. It's not only essential to pick the right size patch for your dog, but for your balcony as well. While you might like to spoil your small dog with an XL Fresh Patch (since they deserve room to roam), the XL size might not be right for your balcony dimensions - especially if your balcony is narrow.

Use a Landscaping Style

Want a feel of the grass on your concrete balcony? A Fresh Patch doesn't have to just serve as your dog's balcony potty, but it can also be part of your balcony's design. Lining multiple Fresh Patches together along the edge of your balcony can add a nice accent to a normally-grassless area. Your guests will compliment you on the design, and as long as you always clean up after your dog - they don't even need to know it serves as a potty area!

Make It a Doggy Oasis

Instead of just giving your dog a place to potty, why not make it a place to pawty? Make your pup feel comfortable on the balcony by giving them toys, a bed, and maybe even a corner for you. It's a great way to spend time with your pup outside even if you can't venture far out of your apartment for a walk. 


If you want to class up your dog's corner of the balcony, you can obtain accessories for your Fresh Patch. Wood frames can spruce up the look of your pup's grass potty while also making it easy to contain mess or grass that might get kicked up. 

So what are you waiting for? Give your pup a balcony with all the grass potty fixins!

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Jenna Gomes