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Picking the Right Vet For Your Dog

Going to the vet is an important part of your dog's life - so deciding where to take them for their vetting is a big decision. If you need some help deciding, here are some tips on how to choose the right vet for you and your dog. 

Ask Friends

Many times, just asking a friend will point you in the right direction. Be sure to ask a friend or family member who will be honest with you. If your friends love their vet, they'll be sure to say it! If you've recently adopted a dog from a shelter, you can ask the shelter employees their opinion as well. 

Consider Budget

While your dog's life is certainly priceless, you should still consider your budget and what you can afford when it comes to check-ups and standard vaccines. Some veterinary clinics charge more than others for standard shots and checkups, especially larger clinics or those with multiple branches. Smaller clinics typically have more reasonable pricing. Consider your budget when making your decision on who to take your pup to. 

Go for Friendly Over Clinical

While most anyone who is a vet loves animals, some veterinarians are friendlier and more patient than others. This friendly attitude can be essential when it comes to difficult visits or difficult pups. If your vet is too clinical or cold, you might not feel that they care for your pet, even if they do, and it also might not help your pet get comfortable with them.

Make Sure Your Values Align

This is important - do your vet's beliefs align with yours? An example of this might be declawing. Even if you don't have a cat, you might not want to go to a vet that advocates declawing. Also ask yourself: would you rather have a vet that advocates treatment over euthanasia? Or a vet that suggests euthanasia over treatment? While these are difficult questions to consider, it's something important to ask yourself in case you commit to a vet who has different values than you do.

Look Up Reviews

The internet can be a wonderful place sometimes. With access to multiple review sites, you'll be able to look up reviews for the vet you're considering prior to your visit. You can use Google Reviews or Yelp. Of course, you should consider the validity of each review. Don't just consider the overall "star" rating, but actually read the reviews to make sure those who are leaving reviews (both good and bad) are justified in their "rating."

And of course, go with your gut. If you get a good feeling from your vet, stick with them! If you're unsure, go for a change. There's always a chance to switch vets if you aren't happy, so that you can find the right fit for your furry best friend.


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Jenna Gomes