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Potty Training Don'ts

Potty Training Don'ts

You've heard of potty training do's, but what about potty training don'ts? If you're welcoming a new puppy or new shelter dog home, here are some things you should avoid.

Don't Be Inconsistent

If you constantly switch up your pup's potty times, they might get confused. For puppies, consistency is key, so taking them out at 6 a.m. one day but 8 a.m. the next will almost guarantee and accident. 

Don't Yell

It's very important that you don't raise your voice with your dog when they have an accident, especially an adopted dog that's faced abuse before. Instead of building trust with your dog, yelling just instills fear in them.

Don't Rub Their Noses In It

This is a classic trick of the trade, but we've learned more about dog behaviors and habits since this method was made popular. Similarly to yelling, this act will just cause your dog to begin to fear you, which you definitely don't want! Not only this, but it's very unlikely your dog will actually process why you're sticking their nose in their accident, so it won't actually work.

Don't Constantly Change Food

Not only should you ensure that you feed your dog high-quality food, but you should also avoid changing your pup's food. If you adopt them, ask the shelter what food they're feeding and try to match that food or slowly incorporate the new food. If you change your dog's food too often, it might cause tummy upset, which might lead to increased accidents in the house.

Don't Push Your Pup's Bladder

While your dog can hold their bladder if they need to, you definitely should not push it when training your dog. Take them out often, so they know where to go and that it's an option. This is especially important in puppies, who have less bladder capacity than adults. Don't wait too long just because you think they can hold it.

Don't Give up

And the most important rule? Don't give up! Most of the time, your pup is not potty trained overnight. Some dogs catch on quickly, while others might take a few weeks or even longer to get the hang of it. 

And as always, we recommend supplementing potty training with your very own Fresh Patch. It'll make emergency potty times less stressful on you and your new pup!

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