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Puppy Exercise Tips

When you have a new puppy, it can be very exhausting. But their boundless energy is good for them, and you should help them celebrate it (so that they can sleep all night!). Here are some puppy exercise tips for you and your new family member.

Don't Overdo It

If you're having guests over or you're going on a trip, you might be inclined to "tire out" your pup. However, you need to be sure that you don't overdo the exercise when you do want your puppy to get tired. Activities like jogging or running with a puppy might push them too much since they're not used to forced exercise, and it might negatively affect their developing bones. You should also avoid excessive frisbee playing or ball-throwing, since your puppy doesn't quite know their limits. Make sure that if your dog does perform excessive exercise, that you give them plenty of water during and after the play. 

Take Short Walks

When your puppy is first learning their limits, they tend to get tired quickly. Because of this, you'll notice that some puppies lay down on the road or give up on a walk halfway through. When this happens, it can be a bit annoying (and even a struggle) to carry them back home. So instead, plan short walks around the neighborhood or a park while your puppy is still growing. This will get them used to walking but won't push them too hard. 

Challenge Your Pup's Brain

Your puppy's brain can always use help growing and developing, so be sure to practice plenty of mental stimulation games with them! There are games you can play with them that both help tire them out physically and strengthen their tiny brain. One thing you can do if you have a yard is to hide treats around the yard and encourage them to find them. Once they get used to this type of "hide and seek" game, they'll start to learn how to explore their surrounding and solve puzzles. Even throwing treats around the yard for them to find, hidden or not, helps exercise their brain. 

 Have Friends Over

Furry friends, that is! Having doggy friends over to play with your pup will help them develop the social skills that they need all while giving them the opportunity to exercise. Whether the dog friend is a puppy or an adult dog, exposing your puppy to other friends will help them gain the skills they need to be able to enjoy dog parks and other social situations later in their life. It also helps them get to know other dogs so that they'll have an easier time going to daycare or being kenneled in the future. Plus, with another dog around, they're more likely to run and play rather than just lay down in the yard!

It might be scary to add a puppy to the family, but all the love they'll give you is so worth it! Just be sure to help them develop by following these exercise tips. 

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Jenna Gomes