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Puppy Patio Etiquette

Puppy Patio Etiquette

As it gets warmer, patio days become more common! Many bars, restaurants, and entertainment establishments allows pups to hang out on their patio with their owners. If you plan on bringing your dog along for some patio time, here are some tips you can take with you. 

Only Bring Your Dog-Friendly Pups

This might seem obvious - but only bring your pup to a patio if they're friendly with other dogs. While you might be able to control your pup in your area, you can't guarantee the behavior of other dogs or know how close other dogs might be to you. If your dog has social anxiety, be cautious when bringing them in public as well. 

Keep a Short Leash - and Hold Onto It!

Obviously, your pup will need to be leashed on a patio. This is for their safety and everyone else's. Unlike a dog park, patios are not secure and do not offer "playing" space. Rather than tie your dog to the table or fence, hold onto their leash. Keeping a firm and short leash will remind them to listen to you and allow them to stay close to you so that they don't trip up any other guests or servers.

Bring a Water Bowl 

Bringing a water bowl with you (you can get portable collapsible ones!) can help take some stress off of the servers and ensure that your dog has a sanitized drinking receptacle. While any dog-friendly establishment is happy to get your dog water, this cuts down on wait time for water and will cover your bases in case they're out of doggy dishes.

Lay Down a Blanket

You can encourage your dog to stay in one place by bringing something comfy with you, like a blanket or flat bed. Your pup will be extra comfy (especially if it's a brick or concrete patio), and it will discourage them from wandering around. Just make sure that it is out of the way of the servers and guests.

Carry Treats With You

Treats are always good incentives! Since your pup might be a bit sad when they can't have your food, bring treats along with you. You can also utilize these as rewards for staying still or remaining calm. Hopefully, it will also help keep your dog from begging you or other folks for some of their food. 

Always Ask Before Letting Your Pup Say Hi

While your dog might be excited to rush up to someone else on the patio (dog or human), it's hard to predict how someone else might feel. Always ask if it's alright for your pup to say hi before letting them approach other folks. 

Potty First

And of course - make sure your pup goes potty before you sit down on the patio so that they don't have any accidents. Now only if dog-friendly patios had their own Fresh Patches!

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