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Rainy-Day Exercise for Dogs

Even if it's raining cats and dogs outside, your real dog still needs exercise! Since many dogs don't like to run around the yard when it's raining, you'll sometimes need to rely on indoor exercise. Take this indoor exercise tips for when the weather is bad or for when you don't have any outside space to exercise your pup in. 


You've heard us talk about this before, but it truly doesn't get old! iFetch is not only the perfect exercise tool for indoors, but it's good for when you're busy, too. iFetch will throw a tennis ball to your dog, and all they have to do is learn how to put the ball back in the machine - a quick task to learn for nearly any pup. Just make sure you put it in an open room with no breakable objects nearby.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek isn't just for humans - it can be for dogs, too! Teaching your dog the game can be helpful for their brain as well as their body! Give your pup a command to stay, and keep them there until you hide. Find a hiding spot (where they'll still be able to find you) and then call their name. They'll have fun looking for you and will get plenty of exercise! 

Treadmill Time

Believe it or not, there are actually doggy-treadmills! As long as your pup gets the green light from their vet to run on a treadmill, this is great exercise for any dog. If you have your own treadmill, you can both run at the same time! Be sure to start slow with the length of time your pup is running and the speed that they're moving at. 

Staircase Exercise

The stairs are a great way to exercise. Have some fun and get some exercise by running up and down the stairs with your dog. Just like the treadmill exercise, make sure that your pup can physically handle exercise on the stairs. Make a game out of it by creating a chase, with you trying to out run your pup. Or, you can toss a toy up and down the stairs for them to chase. 

Indoor Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses don't just have to be outside, they can be inside, too! Working on obstacle courses with your dog inside gets their legs moving and their brains turning. Learning obstacle courses inside can even help train them for more complicated courses like those performed by dogs in agility competitions. You can use almost any item lying around to set up a course, including brooms, small cones, and hula hoops. 

And of course, when it does get sunny out, be sure to get the best exercise of all with your pup - a nice, long, walk. 


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