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Retirement Home for Dogs

Us humans go to retirement homes, so why not dogs? Now, they can! Thanks to a farm in New York, senior dogs can now live their last months or years in the lap of luxury. 

 Silver Streak Kennels in upstate New York is the ultimate dog retirement home. We've all heard the tragic joke of "Fido went to a big farm upstate", but now, that can be a truth! 

Many people are unsure of what to do with their senior dogs if they suddenly have to find them a new home. Shelter life isn't great for older dogs because many people don't want to adopt them. This can lead to senior dogs spending the rest of their life in a shelter instead of a happy home. 

Silver Streak Kennels also serves as a nicer "last resort" place for older dogs. When dogs become older and have health issues, it can be hard for them to move around. This has owners who live in cities or somewhere with lots of stairs feeling like they're not doing what they can for their dog. For other owners, they might suddenly have to move far away and aren't able to take their older dog with them. Silver Streak is a much better alternative to shelters, and assures that your dog will have a peaceful and happy life.

Silver Streak kennels typically charges long-term housing rates of $200 - $250 per month, which can be well worth it for owners who want their pup to have the best. All dogs are seen by a local veterinarian and get to hang out with their best furry friends every day. 

Unlike shelters, Silver Streak gives pups the chance to live out the rest of the life happy and surrounded by love. Keep in mind it's not a shelter. These dogs are truly loved and taken care of by Silver Streak employees. They get to play outside and wander the large farm instead of being stuck in a cage 24/7. 

Silver Streak will also always keep the owner in the loop. If you are being deployed, for example, you still have the possibility of getting your senior pup back when you return. Silver Streak is always looking out for the dog's best interest. 

It sounds to me like we need more homes like Silver Streak out there. What do you think?

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Jenna Gomes

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Jenna Gomes