May 27, 2018

Summer Sports for Dogs and Owners

Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the weather - no matter where in the country you live! It's the perfect time for water sports and working up a sweat on dry land. But why would you want to get out and enjoy the weather without your furry best friend? Here are some fun summer sports you can do this summer with your dog.


If you and your dog love the water, spending a day at the poolside or lakeside is the perfect relaxing, fun way to bond. You can hang out at your own pool or check to see if there are any public waterfronts near you that are dog-friendly.


If your dog is great at playing fetch, then they might make a pretty good baseball or softball team member! While they won't exactly understand the rules of the game, they'll be great at getting the ball when it rolls too far away. Plus, they might just catch a ball and score an out! 


Canoeing can be a fun and relaxing water activity for you and your pup. If your dog likes looking at the water but doesn't love going into it, they'll love sitting in the canoe and looking at the scenery while you steer. Depending on where you're going canoeing, you'll want to consider putting your pup in a life jacket (particularly on rougher waters like rivers). 


Not everybody thinks of jogging or running as a summer-friendly sport, but it can be perfect on those cooler days or at dusk. You and your dog could even use the same training regimen to get them conditioned to running the distances you do.


Shady trails are a perfect relief for hotter days when you still want to exercise. Many public hiking trails are clearly marked but also allow dogs. So pack some bags and climb a mountain with your pup!


While your dog can't be on rollerblades, you can! This is a great alternative to jogging, if you're not in the mood. Your dog can job while you're on rollerblades, and if you're lucky, pull you along. Of course, your dog's personality will have to be right for this - you don't want them taking off with you!

No matter what activities you and your pup do this summer, the most important part is that you'll do it together!

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